Drawing and oil painting provide a visual diary of my travels, and inspirations. Each segment of an illustration has a background story similar to the written memories of one’s personal diary.

The Havana drawing was one example, undertaken when trucks narrowly brushed past my toes just before a torrential downpour.

While I painstakingly sketched the outline of a fishing boat in Bastia, two French men stood behind me in casual conversation. When completed 90 minutes later, both provided positive comments and sailed off in the very same boat. They had waited until I finished!

Piccadilly Pilgrimage was sketched sitting in the doorway of a theatre ticket box. The ticket lady would take a regular smoko beside me, sharing her thoughts of the day.

I have no formal art training; only starting oil painting in 2003. As teaching business at a secondary level in Victoria, Australia occupies most of the day, art provides a satisfying, yet very part-time release. I often appreciate the collections of other artists online. In return, this website is designed to share my work with the wider community.